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On September 10 - International Suicide Prevention Day - Brian Tagalik released his first ever single, titled "The Struggle". The song is a story about the hardships and struggles of Inuit peoples, seen through the eyes of 3 generations: the grandfather, the father, and Brian himself.

Here is what Brian had to say about his inspiration for the song:

"As a child, everyday was a struggle, not for food or shelter but for life and as I came of age and realized the trials my parents and their parents had survived it put my generation into a position of action. Almost a rebound effect naturally in betted in humans to gather our senses and make sense of the world around us, This (song) represents the battle and the fight the three separate generations encountered and our ability to gather together to fight against the plague that has Become Suicide. Together as Inuit we must Unite to fight for the Cause and save our Dying Culture"

The song had it's original debut at the Alianait Arts Festival 2013. Brian entered and won first place at the Battle of the Bands contest, and had many members of the audience (as well as the contest jury) in tears with the song's emotional and powerful message.

In August, Brian teamed up with manager Nastania Mullin, music producer Thor Simonsen (both from Iqaluit), as well as singer/songwriter Kelly Fraser (Nunavut Youtube sensation from Sanikiluaq) to complete the song.

Brian has many other songs written, and is currently working on his first album.

For more information and booking please contact Nastania Mullin at (867) 222-6883.

Recording © 2013 Nastania Mullin & Thor Simonsen

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