Artist Bio


Digawolf is a critically acclaimed Tlicho and English language band from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Their unique brand of alternative rock bridges the gap between modernity and tradition, redefining aboriginal music for modern audiences. Their lyrics will guide you through the harsh landscapes of Canada’s last frontier, exploring the narratives and history the Tlicho people through the contemporary sounds of modern alternative rock!

Digawolf’s front-man, Diga, has a body of 6 albums behind him. Each one explores his experiences growing up in the capital of the Tlicho Nation, Behchoko, NT. His lyrics are filled with a respect for language, culture and lives lived; they speak a universal truth of the importance of remembering where you come from, and who you are. Diga approaches his history with an eye towards the future, utilizing modern mediums and sounds to tell his story.

Finding inspiration in the works of Neil Young, Tom Waits, Kashtin, Leonard Cohen and guitar works of Roy Buchanan, Digawolf’s music is infused with raw Canadiana. The music is permeated with the rich culture that surrounds them in the Northwest Territories. They harness the power of off-time and play off of traditional drum dances, compelling people to move to the beat. Their guitar work has been described as being “… a little of Mark Knopfler’s of Dire Straits with a healthy Denedelic dollop of Jimi Hendrix!” Diga’s world-weary voice “[summons] forth spirits of the life of a trapper’s past glories.” Let Digawolf take you on a journey through Canada’s wild and frozen North.

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